Simply Saltwater Barra - Mastering Lure Fishing

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The new saltwater barramundi training course, ‘Simply Saltwater Barra - Mastering Lure Fishing’ focuses on how to target and catch more saltwater barra using lure fishing techniques.


‘Simply Saltwater Barra - Mastering Lure Fishing’ is a training course which features over 100 pages of TEXT and DIAGRAM based training.


Here's some of the topics you'll learn about in in the course:


1. How to find barramundi in a river or estuary system, by learning about barra distribution and areas of frequency.

2. How to search a river system, eliminate areas and spend more time fishing.

3. Learn some weather conditions which can lead to active 'bite periods' and when to target other fish species.

4. How to use your sounder to pinpoint barramundi schools - throughout the 3 sections of any river or estuary.

5. How to identify ACTIVE barramundi - on a sounder screen.

6. Learn some prime lure fishing zones with detailed diagrams demonstrating key areas to look out for.

7.  Learn the types of lure retrieves that can 'trigger' bites – an overlooked aspect of lure fishing.

8. Ways of targeting inactive fish – modern lure techniques that work on barramundi that are closed for feeding.

9. How to target barramundi from pressured areas, which see regular boat and angler traffic.

10. When to downsize your lures – for more bites.

11. Our top 10 saltwater barra lures and how to retrieve them.

12. An in-depth look at sounder screenshots of saltwater barramundi activity.

13. Learn small changes which can maximise hook-up rate and convert 90% of bites to landed fish.

14. A look at the variation in lifecycles of saltwater barra – how and where they spend their life.

15. And more.


The text & diagram based course is presented in an easy to follow manner. The information will suit anglers from a range of skill levels. Some lure fishing experience would be handy, but not necessary.


Course created by Cy and Kerrin Taylor

19 x barramundi fishing tournament victories

5 x ABT Barra 'Angler Of The Year' titles


Simply Saltwater Barra - Training Course

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